Welcome to Hayseeds at Oatman, AZ.
Hayseeds is a Southwest specialty store in the historic mining town of Oatman, AZ. The Hayseeds name derives from the childhood of Connie and Virginia, owners of the store. We grew up in the country and were referred to as HAYSEEDS. Some referred to farmers as HAYSEEDS. Shipping and handling is added to the product price. If necessary to contact HAYSEEDS e-mail address is: http://www.hayseeds@usa.com - shipping is every Monday via USPS. WELCOME TO OUR STORE'''
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Hats with western flair
statute with a special bronze finish Product Name
WONDERFUL GIFT IDEAS. Want a piece of the west? This beautiful statue in bronze finsh will look magnificient in most surroundings. l2"long/5"wide and 9" high

Your special price $59.95!
HAYSEEDS is a small specialty store in Oatman, Az located 30 miles from Laughlin, NV. Oatman is a step back in time. It was founded by gold miners and to this day depicts a gold mining town. Gold mine tours are still available. Wild burros roam the streets by day and head for the hills at dusk. COME SEE OUR FINE LITTLE TOWN AND STOP BY HAYSEEDS.